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Ancient City Chapter   P.O. Box 4571, St. Augustine, Florida 32085 "PLEASE CONTRIBUTE NOW  FOR DELIVERY BEFORE CHRISTMAS” "
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"Wreaths   Across   America"    is   in   full   swing   to   make   sure   that   each   and   every   veteran   who   has passed   away,   from   all   wars   and   engagements   in   our   county's   history,   has   a   wreath   placed   at   his/her grave this coming Christmas at all National Cemeteries across our entire country. Please   be   generous   this   year   to   assure   that   no   grave   is   without   a   wreath.   The   amount   asked   for   is very   small   compared   to   the   sacrifices   our   deceased   brave   veterans   gave   on   behalf   of   our   country and    freedoms.    The    sooner    your    contribution    is    received    the    sooner    we    will    be    able    to purchase/confirm that no deceased veteran is without a wreath.
Our next luncheon is scheduled for December 14th at Amici’s, 11:45 am. As tradition holds, our program will feature the Salvation Army. We are asking for maximum participation, each bringing an unwrapped gift for a boy or girl between the ages of 10 and 17. This, as always, is another opportunity for us to provide some Christmas spirit to less fortunate kids, how “special” is that.” Please plan on attending with a generous heart, bringing light to an otherwise adverse situation. This is what we are called to do! Also, as requested, appreciate any and all suggestions on fundraising opportunities in 2018 for our chapter – more options to grow our numbers. Check the agenda/menu tab for reservations and selections. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and looking forward to seeing all on December 14th. As usual, rese rvations ar e requir ed, so please m ak e them with menu selecti ons throug h Harry Metz at amazingmetz@yahoo.com   NLT cob Monday, December 11th
"Anastasia Baptist Church is planning a memorial service for Joe Murchison (with his wife Lea in attendance) at 11:00 am in the Sanctuary on Saturday, 9 December.. Lea has requested (at Joe’s request) the service be for acknowledging all veterans and their service and sacrifice. As Joe was a Vietnam veteran who suffered from the trauma of war, we as veterans must stand together at his memorial to honor him and his wish to honor and acknowledge all veterans. An honor guard will be conducting flag folding and playing taps. There will be a patriotic music video. Ron Moore is asking, if you have one, to wear a uniform, there will be a reading of the soldier’s Psalm (I believe Psalm 91). I will deliver a personal tribute (for Joe and service members who sacrifice and still suffer the affects of serving), Pastor Ron will deliver the celebration of life message. I say all this, to ask you to put the word out to all our veterans (especially those who attend and/or who are members of our church to be there for his memorial service). Lea mentioned Mac, so I am assuming Joe and he knew each other. Veterans are encouraged to wear any unit pin, etc. There will be a reception in the atrium directly following the service. Let me know what I can do to help make this a successful veteran event. Thank you."
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